Honoka ‘s the heart regarding her lives

After a few tale occurrences result, it will become visible you to Ayaka is entirely obsessed with Honoka (much like an excellent yandere). Ayaka understands she thinks and dreams intensely about your all committed. She possess taking photos of your and it is later showed that she’s got a key space less than the woman rooms into the Honoka’s family. Where this lady has of a lot images away from Honoka level a wall surface. Ayaka leased Atori in order to privately bring photo away from Honoka. Many pictures on the wall surface was basically pulled from the Atori. Besides these types of photos, she including renders Honoka dolls for the reason that space. For the later chapters, it’s revealed one Ayaka possess changed that room having multiple tales in which she places, together with the something stated, a number of other residential property connected with him.

It’s indicated that Kazane and Komachi got establish a married relationship between Honoka and Ayaka in earlier times, and also make her Honoka’s certified bride.

She usually becomes frustrated within her dage into town

Ayaka claims to provides found Honoka before fulfilling in school. Regrettably, she are unable to contemplate once they earliest fulfilled, claiming their memory together with her was in fact removed. Yet not, losing her memories of its early in the day didn’t reduce the girl obsession over trying to find your. During the her time in secondary school she looked numerous schools, having months. Abreast of enjoying Honoka when you look at the a large group, Ayaka instinctively know this lady a lot of time research has ended in the profits. A short while later, Ayaka necessary from the girl mom to arrange for her and you can Honoka to go to a similar college or university and stay in identical class.

It’s later on indicated that they usually have earliest met on the Kagari Clan’s Chief Home after they had been around 12 years of age. At the time, Ayaka had been privately confined and you will chained in order to a wall structure for the an area. She ended up being imprisoned getting a very long time because the woman physiological mom Kayou Kagari had, to deepen the ancestry off fire of one’s Kagari clan, experimented on her behalf and you may put the lady since ship regarding Evermillion. For the reason that space, she found Honoka the very first time who was visiting the house which have Kazane (he was vacationing with the lady due to the fact an assistant and you will disciple).

By using his teacher, Honoka freed the girl, however, she was actually mortally injured shortly after experiencing Kayou, whom made an effort to remove Ayaka’s lifetime to help you doing the woman purpose. Honoka grabbed Ayaka off the run into and entered an agreement with Evermillion in the interest of resurrecting the girl. Honoka turned Evermillion’s the boat to meet up their a portion of the contract.

After becoming resurrected, Ayaka had lost all recollections of present situations (and the woman memories away from Honoka) and you will secluded by herself on confined place. Shortly after Honoka are finally in a position to need her regarding one area, he demonstrated the woman which have wonders a vistas from his favourite put he went along to during their traveling that have Kazane. There, the guy advised Ayaka that in the near future the lady existence will never be as the gloomy and you can alone any further and you may she’d restore things she would destroyed in that space. Subsequently, Ayaka noticed that it had been Honoka whom saved the woman and you will broke off into the tears.

Kazane Kagari [ ]

Kazane ‘s the adoptive mother off Ayaka. This woman is along with the frontrunner of one’s Workshop Witches and you can chairwoman out-of Tougetsu Academy. It’s revealed (on manga) that it’s Ayaka whom requested Kazane when planning on taking an even more prominent character in school in order that she is having Honoka. She’s the one who assigned Touko and you can Kanane to take care of Ayaka. She coached Ayaka off a young age in the many techniques from secret to hand-to-hand treat. Regardless of if she does rely upon Ayaka guarding Honoka and you can with pride is sold with in order to Week-end one Ayaka are her top pupil and you may masterpiece.