Even after understanding the outcome, he however can’t assist but getting specific maintain her, as found within the Danganronpa step three

He has a great break on Monaca and you will repeatedly seems to lose his composure when Monaca really does easy such things as compliment him, and therefore she does purposefully to manipulate him. One other Warriors out-of Guarantee has in some instances implicated him out-of getting particularly a grown-up, like when he turned into ashamed and you will defensive on his ideas whenever the others mocked your and you can Monaca made an effort to build him know which he wants this lady, with Monaca mentioning the shame and you may hesitancy was mature-such as evaluation toward trustworthiness youngsters possess. This new erotic magazine inside the room further signifies that he has got some fascination with adult things if the guy acknowledges they or perhaps not.

In spite of how wise Nagisa is just one of the Warriors, brand new creators features asserted that they are truly the extremely son-like with their identity

This might refer to just how without difficulty he had been controlled by Monaca, and exactly how he had been thus dazzled of the their affection which he forgotten the girl negative qualities and noticed she was truly a nice lady until she shown the girl real reputation.

Prior to the Tragedy

Nagisa came into this world and you may increased for the Towa Area. He had been children prodigy and you will elevated to get the ultimate man and one of society’s elites. Their dad was an instructor at the Hope’s Top Academy’s Basic College section and that Nagisa attended and for that reason, he asked his son become an educated. He was on the class of troublemakers also Monaca, Jataro Kemuri, Kotoko Utsugi and you can Masaru Daimon, whether or not he resented becoming also known as a good “troublemaker”. Purportedly, the guy arranged a crush towards Monaca so far, because of the girl relatively form characteristics.

Nagisa’s parents’ therapy with the increasing your is like to relax and play good games. In order that Nagisa so you’re able to “get EXP and you will level up”, he previously to analyze for substandard lengths of your time. However link so you’re able to an IV which have opportunity medicine so you can “heal Horsepower” if this featured since if he’d distribute away from exhaustion. He had been together with always seen having cams.

Nagisa’s father pressed their son to examine non-avoid for days. He’d carry out acts instance stick out brilliant lighting towards the his son’s attention if the the guy checked because if the guy had been is tired at any time except that the latest short periods he had been permitted to sleep. He had been together with endangered that have firearms and other bodily discipline. In one of the for the-games CG, a knife can be seen towards the corner of Nagisa’s desk together with multiple drops of blood, implying the play with. Nagisa’s involvement in most regarding the was at the name from a test who would attempt to influence simply how much mental and you may real stress children could take just before reaching the breaking area.

Due to the fact Nagisa’s father failed to get the test overall performance he was hoping having, he didn’t look for incorrect within his way of doing things and you may instead reach think his man weak while the a test topic. Furthermore suggested the moms and dads was considering which have other guy and you may restarting the fresh new experiment with another attempt subject.

Li’l Best Social Education Nagisa is really practical due to ongoing understanding. Through the his addition in order to Komaru, he states you to definitely societal training is just one of all victims they are proficient at. It is said that he is decent in the other instructional subjects as well. Background

When Nagisa discovered that he is losing short of his dad’s standards, the guy experienced for example solid thinking-hating and you can guilt that he desired to die. He believed the guy hadn’t complete one thing best, even when there are including higher dreams of him. The guy requested as to why he had been the way in which he had been, as to why the guy wasn’t born finest and exactly why he wasn’t the little one his dad desired. As “simply impossible idiots fritter out their lifestyle with self-hatred”, Nagisa decided to merely disregard the serious pain he sensed and you may worked even more and more difficult, regardless of what higher new standards will be. He didn’t want to disappoint their dad ever again.