Its lack of pullorum-infected birds when you look at the sublines in the place of red-colored-legged youngsters will probably be worth discussing

Most likely, the male parents ones specimens was indeed homozygous for the gene W. Into the a dozen sublines out of 20, in which men mothers was heterozygous (Ww), hens having pullorum state had been recognized. Selection on population is being carried out up against the recessive gene w (purple skin).

The fresh new Barred-and-Speckled Leghorn try an enthusiastic egg-installing reproduce but it’s too hefty. The fresh real time pounds off 150-day-old pullets try step 1.74 and this regarding adult hens is actually 2.0-2.1 kg. The new alive lbs away from cocks try 2.5 kg. Age readiness try 165 days. Annual design is 220 egg averaging 58 g. Champ layers promote 270-290 eggs a year. Egg shell was lotion otherwise white; selection is happening having lotion along with. Virility regarding egg is 90-95% and you will hatchability 80%. Endurance speed of your own more youthful to 150 times of many years try 95%; within the adults it is 87%.

The characteristic feature of the new population is an excellent carcass appearance. In this trait they are superior to all known breeds of coloured chickens which carry the dominant gene E. Barred-and-Speckled hens, when mated with cocks of the C1C2 male parental form from the cross Hysex white, produce three-line hybrid layers, which are as good as four-way hybrids.

Barred-and-Speckled Leghorns is bred for improved eggs development and merging feature throughout the get across that have male adult lines out-of White Leghorns.

Black colored SPECKLED AUSTRALORP (Cherno-pestraya avstralorp)

An experimental population was created at the All-Union Research Institute of Farm Animal Breeding and Genetics by breeding inter se descendants of Black Australorps which had been injected intramuscularly with blood from Barred Plymouth Rocks. The total volume of components injected during 11 months amounted to 330-380 ml per bird. The 1962 experiment resulted in 1093 offspring (F1). Among them were birds in which the juvenile moult produced, instead of black, a partially or completely white plumage. The number of chickens (F1) with depigmentation in groups which received injections of the whole alien blood, plasma, and blood elements was 4 (2.2%), 2 (1.9%) and 1 (0.9%). The control group had no specimens with white plumage.

Mendelian research showed that this new light shade of new plumage during the chickens obtained within experiment is actually determined by the result off the semi-prominent gene De with 40% penetrance in the heterozygotes (Dede). The word out-of depigmentation ranged greatly into the individual chickens.

Experimental birds including presented a significant adaptation throughout the down colour of your embryo. Together with black colored, that’s regular to have Australorps, nearly light is actually seen, with lots of changes among them. Provided that this really is good recessive profile, the new mating out of heterozygotes should bring twenty-five% out of instances. The departure of your own observed matter (7) on the commercially expected (8-9) looked like not statistically high.

Wild birds that have white embryo off was basically bred inter se and you will entered which have chickens having other off the colour. Within the 1973-74, more 5000 for example girls was in fact hatched. Its decisive plumage is actually black colored that have a small depigmentation. It had been verified you to white colour of the latest embryo off is actually inherited while the an effective recessive character in relation to black colored and that it’s subject to new autosomal gene sp (spot). The new gene sp inhibits melanin synthesis in homozygotes not only in various generations of one’s plumage, and in addition about shanks. So it improves significantly the appearance of Black Speckled Australorp carcasses (dede spsp), as compared to original reproduce – Black Australorps (dede SpSp).

Two F5 female birds produced 33 chicks seven (21%) where were white which have a little black spot into back

After that reproduction try held with this specific category and you can elevating out of birds holding the De- allele was deserted. Birds with light definitive plumage (DeDe SpSp) had vision flaws followed closely by signs and symptoms of exophthalmos and you may anexophthalmos.