Competition with the Castle intensifies: Claims of presidential bets

Leody de Guzman #2

¦ Revoke the brand new Philippine ratification of your Regional Complete Economic Commitment Agreement because the reducing otherwise removal of tariffs commonly damage regional business and you can agriculture.

¦ Support motions to help you legalize same-gender matrimony; everyone’s intimate taste must be respected plus the Lgbt area are an integral part of community that must be acquiesced by the state.

¦ Contradict the new abolition of your own Presidential Commission into Good Regulators (PCGG) since the services to recuperate the newest undetectable wealth of the new ily you prefer to continue for it getting returned to the individuals.

¦ Contradict the latest lowering of age criminality, as long as the root factors behind poverty while the lack out-of solutions are not treated; the new disadvantaged youth falling into the petty criminal activities was indeed the fresh new Duterte administration’s favorite scapegoats.

¦ Legalize the aid of cannabis to have medical aim, in line with the development of local product having research and production of local medicines and you can treatment.

¦ Benefit the brand new passage of a rules forbidding political dynasties, to possess they have monopolized fuel within “kingdoms,” stunted new people’s governmental readiness, and you may stored popular organizations and processes hostage.

Competition towards the Castle intensifies: Promises of presidential wagers

¦ Resume peace discussions that have communist rebels in order to pave the way in which to own long-long-term peace from the approaching the newest legitimate grievances of marginalized.

¦ Benefit the brand new passing of a legislation requiring every personal authorities, especially the decided on, to discharge its statements off property, debts and you can web well worth (SALNs), also lender information with accompanying waivers.

¦ Heal and you can institutionalize the fresh University of one’s Philippines and Company off National Shelter agreement as an element of maintaining academic versatility on the state college.

¦ Pursue other electoral reforms, such as for example a ban on the substitutions by detachment and on people faced with administrative and offense.

¦ Performs into the fresh offer regarding very good and only earnings, along with increasing to P750 minimal wage not just in Metro Manila nevertheless the whole nation; the final salary increase in the main city area is actually number of years before.

¦ To switch the newest government’s pandemic reaction by having even more experts and you may medical pros, as opposed to resigned generals, providing fees; make size assessment significantly more obtainable from the lowering prices; speed up inoculation from the going family-to-home.

¦ Prevent reliance on brought in farming products and garbage; modernize agriculture by providing numerous assistance from the brand new bodies.

¦ Identify “questionable” funds obtain of the outbound and previous administrations and discover which fund extremely benefited people; for people who didn’t benefit the individuals, money are renegotiated.

¦ Reduce the brand new day-after-day performs shift from the most recent 7 hours to six period, in the place of diminution regarding wages and you may gurus, as an element of a lengthy-term substitute for jobless; the 2 instances subtracted could be used along with her to manufacture the newest business ports.

¦ Hold the legalization off separation; allow it to be maried people disadvantaged by the the deal to completely enjoy and you will manage control of the lifetime the way they come across fit.

¦ Force into the demilitarization of your Western Philippine Ocean and refuse becoming an economic, political and you may armed forces battleground of one’s superpowers; reach out to Far eastern neigbors that can provides maritime states and you will suggest an effective “common regional area of extremely important commons” getting a lasting and you may rational access to natural information on the contested region.

¦ Impose an abundance income tax amounting so you’re able to a single-time 20% levy with the state’s 500 wealthiest families once the from 2020, which would target a produce from P1 trillion; repeated money taxation into the financial property getting institutionalized, between one percent to help you 5 percent according to a great tiered-tax price and you can an abundance threshold.