eight. Alexia Ashford (Resident Worst Password Veronica)

The main antagonist in the Citizen Evil Code Veronica. Are Alfred Ashford’s sis, she was a researcher at the Umbrella which infected herself into T-Veronica virus and place by herself within the cryogenic sleep. She ultimately woke right up inside the situations of Resident Worst Code Veronica and try slain from the Chris regarding final employer challenge.

  • Alexia’s final employer challenge is recognized as getting among the toughest in the Resident Worst. Through the the lady workplace struggle, she periods the gamer having tentacles while you are spawning bugs you to definitely assault the gamer and you can disturb the latest player’s episodes.

6. Alex Wesker (Citizen Evil Revelations dos)

Alex Wesker is part of the antagonist out-of Resident Evil Revelations dos. She had anybody, such as for example Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, getting abducted and you can taken to Sejm Isle. She’d find the new protagonists on video game, and be slain during the a great BSAA assault when you’re take to that have rockets.

  • Even with sharing the final title, Alex isn’t Albert Wesker’s physical sister. Wesker was a name provided to them because of the Umbrella.
  • Alex died inside her mutated function one to happened immediately following she contaminated by herself with the Uroboros. Albert Wesker along with died in his Uroboros contaminated form inside Resident Worst 5.

5. Sherry Birkin (Resident Evil dos)

Sherry basic appeared in Citizen Worst dos where she is good 12-year-old lady who met Claire Redfield inside the Raccoon Town episode. The woman Grams-trojan contaminated dad are chasing after the woman, and in the end, set an enthusiastic embryo in her. She try treated with an excellent vaccine by Claire and you may fled Raccoon Area which have Claire and Leon through a belowground show.

She and checked while the good playable protagonist when you look at the Citizen Worst six where she helped Jake Muller into the C-virus episode that taken place for the several towns and cities around the world such as for instance Asia.

  • Brand new vaccine (in Resident Evil 2) eliminated her regarding mutating, although trojan remained within her. It brought about the girl to help you 1 / 2 of auto-generating results.
  • The woman mothers was in fact more interested in their lookup therefore neglecting their.

cuatro. Rebecca Spaces (Citizen Worst 1)

Rebecca very first appeared in Citizen Evil step 1 where she try a good medic in the Superstars. She aided Chris regarding online game and you can fled the fresh new mansion lesbian hookup bars London having him, Jill, and Barry Burton. She is a portion of the reputation during the Citizen Worst 0, close to Billy Coen.

Following the situations regarding Citizen Worst step 1, she proceeded be effective due to the fact a professor just like the found during the Citizen Evil Vendetta.

  • This woman is a young child prodigy and you may finished university that have a bachelor’s studies when you look at the chemistry and joined A-listers during the 18 yrs . old.
  • An image of Rebecca, away from this lady playing basketball, come in Citizen Worst dos from the searching the newest Superstars room.

step 3. Ada Wong (Citizen Evil 2)

Ada Wong functions because the an effective spy about online game. She discovered how to become a spy out-of a criminal activity syndicate when you look at the Asia. Ada Wong age, but simply an enthusiastic alias she goes on throughout the collection.

She is put into the Citizen Evil dos. She helped Leon Kennedy through the Resident Evil dos and aided him when you look at the Resident Worst cuatro and you can six.

  • It’s advocated you to definitely she has thinking to possess Leon due to the girl providing your regarding the show and kissing your double (immediately following from inside the Citizen Evil 2 and another when you look at the Resident Worst 6)
  • She tend to betrays website subscribers she works for.

2. Claire Redfield (Citizen Evil dos)

Claire Redfield try brought for the Resident Evil 2 in fact it is Chris Redfield’s more youthful cousin. Into the Resident Worst dos, Claire goes to Raccoon Town to get Chris however, discovers by herself trapped on episode. She fled Raccoon City with Leon Kennedy and you may Sherry Birkin.