Angel mutual strong passion and you can mutual confidence having Willow Rosenberg, and not just since the she recovered their soul twice

In lot of times he required the girl assist, thinking about the lady due to the fact a reliable ally and you may friend. After fixing Angel’s spirit into the 2nd date, they hugged as the old relatives. [79] Although not, Willow presented open violence into Angel due to his steps as Twilight, temporarily turning your into a good frog out-of her rage. Just after the guy murdered Giles, Believe stated that the whole Scooby Gang, other than Buffy, wanted Angel dead. [40]

During his initial amount of time in Sunnydale, just after Buffy, Willow was most likely Angel’s companion on the Scooby Group and you may extremely amicable for the your, regardless if, as with all the team, his connection with the lady try a little strained after he returned of Hell after the his time since Angelus

Sooner or later, yet not, Willow generally seems to move past a little of their outrage to the Angel, because the immediately following publicly criticizing their desire to resurrect Giles, she unwillingly provided to help, because the she necessary Angel’s assist to bring magic back into the fresh new business. Willow, not, slapped your when he slammed her want to involve Connor, angrily blaming your getting everything that had gone incorrect, nevertheless when she burst into tears off feelings, Angel made an effort to comfort from proper care and you will concern on her behalf, agreeing so that Conner chosen. [66] Throughout their adventure when you look at the Quor’toth, it did actually a bit fix its relationships. Angel did actually truly show a great amount of look after the woman, as he have attempted to spirits a good distraught Willow throughout the taking in way too much black miracle, informing the lady urgently he had to trust this lady. She admitted one to she performed trust your even after his earlier tips just like the Twilight however, she just did not faith by herself. Willow unfortuitously temporarily got bought out of the black wonders, simply for Angel so you’re able to chew their so you’re able to return the girl back into regular. Willow came back the latest prefer, ending Faith from killing your and informing Angel that he you are going to battle their ebony side. As he regained handle, both got quickly hugged each other for the gratitude.

Later, Angel and Willow arrived at an answer. She told him she know that he try sorry, he had thought he was undertaking the best procedure and it absolutely was required, however, firmly reminded him which don’t change the undeniable fact that exactly what the guy did try wrong. Willow absolutely considered him you to definitely she failed to think she could actually really forgive him for just what he did, however, meanwhile, she wouldn’t view it in her so you’re able to hate your. Angel try satisfied with this, simply happy one she don’t dislike him anymore. Keeping this lady the main package, she remaining the brand new a piece of Giles’s spirit about scythe inside the give, ahead of departing to continue the girl unicamente journey. [85]

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne [ ]

Angel and Ounce rarely interacted during their short term time in this new Scooby Gang, however, seemed to get on sufficiently whenever viewed together, most likely as they shared equivalent experiences, being good vampire and you will werewolf, correspondingly. Ounce had offered to bring Angel the Jewel jeevansathi off Amara one to enabled him simply to walk on sunshine lower than Buffy’s consult, going to L.A good as he had a concert truth be told there. He’d aided your against the likelihood of Increase and you will came back back to Sunnydale. It seemed to possess a slight bond of camaraderie, just like the one another speak during the brief phrases and tend to be, in a few means, comparable, each tormented by their concern with exactly what its supernatural front side is ready in the event the deprived of one’s handle the human front provides. That they had humorously engaged in an extremely abreviated, charming dialogue abreast of reuniting inside the L.A good., Ounce saying that him and you can Angel was basically usually “laconic”. [113]