Fernando Burlando, which represents Carlos Ferro Viera, called Alvarez’s testimony “an excellent compendium out of allegations above all else in order to Diego Maradona”

She said that the woman family unit members had merely allow her to go out Maradona, regardless of the large ages gap, due to his friendship that have Fidel Castro, the newest later Cuban chairman.

Into the prior news interviews, Ms Alvarez discussed the partnership consensual, plus mentioned that Maradona had pressed himself upon this lady at minimum immediately after

“My family cannot keeps approved they in the event the Cuban government had not been with it,” she told you. “They were pushed differently to simply accept a relationship you to definitely was not perfect for her or him, and somebody.”

“When we had domestic the guy taken me up the staircase, grabbed myself of the tresses and slapped myself, pressed me personally and you can shook myself,” she told you.

She told you the guy had “very aggressive” together with her whenever she don’t need certainly to bring cocaine and you will sooner or later exhausted her for the trying the material.

“The guy said one to why shouldn’t We was you to, which i need to do it to own him, which he desired to save money go out with me, which i carry out fall asleep and possess sick right away so you can visit an effective disco which have your,” she said.

“In the end shortly after a couple of days, every day exactly the same thing, several weeks passed and at all that i eventually tried cocaine.”

Ignacio Trimarco, a legal professional to own Omar Suarez, a buddy regarding Maradona, informed journalists their consumer “don’t be involved in one transfer manoeuvre, reception here in Argentina otherwise to your offense which is getting imputed one to theoretically are individual trafficking”.

Mr Coppola advised the brand new media which he try an effective “witness so you can a love story” anywhere between Ms Alvarez and you may Maradona and that zero offense is actually the amount of time.

The previous representative regarding Maradona and additionally said he don’t discover “it absolutely was an ordeal, it was so hard” having Ms Alvarez.

“So far There isn’t to wash me off one thing, I know how i am and exactly how I deal with myself,” the guy said.

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