CleanApp Mac 5.1.3 Crack Full Version Free

CleanApp Mac 5.1.3 Crack Full Version Free

CleanApp Mac 5.1.3 Crack Full Version Free Download

CleanApp is your best choice if your Mac gets more full every day. CleanApp 5 offers insight on how to recover your disk space. CleanApp 5 allows you to locate and delete all the files on your hard drives. CleanApp can help you to completely eliminate software which you might have uninstalled in Mac OS X but which have left behind unwanted folders and files.

CleanApp Mac

Most programs are thrown away with the rest. You might not be aware of other documents. Searching through them individually is time-consuming, and it can be inefficient.

CleanApp Mac

CleanApp is one of the programs that was on my rivals list, but has not made it into the last article. If you want a Mac as clean and free from rambled files and garbage as possible, I recommend giving CleanApp a shot before you choose to install another Mac Package. This is why CleanApp runs in the background. It keeps track of all files that a program has left behind when it installs. When it is time to eliminate said program, this ensures CleanApp takes off everything your system which shouldn’t be there.

It will delete files and applications that you do no use, useless documents, and junk folders. You will be able to create a backup so that you can ensure what you are deleting is not completely inoperable. If you happen to fail, you will simply need to restore the backup. It also contains an application named abbyy finereader corporate Logging which will make a report comprising what all programs have done throughout the day.

CleanApp Mac


  • This is a great way to clear out your disk space
  • All components can be tracked for an uninstalled app


  • Some programs won’t be removed completely
  • Can be removed vital shared components between program


CleanApp Mac

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