An identical trend might possibly be noticed one of providers frontrunners and one of the highest ranks inside the government

If we discuss this new Colombian people through the contact lens of one’s 6-D Design©, we are able to get a good writeup on the latest strong vehicle operators out-of its community prior to almost every other globe societies.

Power Range

So it dimension deals with the fact all the anybody from inside the communities are not equal – it conveys brand new feelings of one’s society with the these inequalities amongst all of us. Fuel Range is understood to be the latest the amount that new quicker strong members of institutions and organisations within a country predict and you may believe that power is sent unequally.

Within 67 Colombia score at the top of the size of one’s PDI, so it’s a society you to definitely thinks you to inequalities between some one are just an undeniable fact regarding lifestyle. Which inequality is actually accepted in most levels from people, thus an excellent partnership chief get a great amount of centered strength versus his partnership government people, and consequently get significantly more stamina than other connection people.


The fundamental topic addressed from this measurement is the level of interdependence a culture maintains one of its participants. It has to manage with if or not some one?s self-image is scheduled with regards to “I” otherwise “We”. Into the Individualist societies folks are meant to look after themselves and its head loved ones just. Into the Collectivist communities somebody get into ‘when you look at the groups’ one take care of her or him in exchange for support.

At the a rating of 13 Colombia is just one of the lowest Individualist scores; put another way, it lies between the really collectivistic societies globally, outdone merely by the Ecuador, Panama and you may Guatemala.Since the Colombians are a very collectivistic people, belonging to an in-classification and you will aligning oneself with that group’s thoughts is very importantbined to the higher score in PDI, this means that groups usually have their solid identities linked with class differences. Respect to instance communities is the key and regularly it’s courtesy “corporative” communities that people see benefits and you will positives that aren’t so you’re able to be discovered various other cultures. Meanwhile, dispute was avoided, to maintain classification balance and conserve face.

Matchmaking become more very important than paying attention work at your fingertips, of course, if a small grouping of some one keeps a viewpoint to the a keen matter, they shall be joined because of the all of the which feel a part of one to class. Colombians can occasionally go out of their way so you can if they be discover enough attention provided to development an effective dating, or if perhaps they understand a keen “in-group” partnership of some type, yet not narrow. Yet not, people perceived as “outsiders” could easily be excluded or considered as “enemies”. The best interaction looks are perspective-steeped, thus societal speeches and written documents are detailed and you can specialized.


A high score (Masculine) on this dimension implies that the fresh new community could be driven by the race, completion and you can achievements, having achievement being defined by the champion / finest in field – a respect program that starts at school and goes on throughout the organisational lifestyle.

A minimal rating (Feminine) on aspect means the principal reference beliefs into the area was taking good care of anybody else and you will well being. A feminine area is but one in which total well being ‘s the sign of success and reputation out of the group isn’t admirable. The fundamental thing here’s what promotes anybody, attempting to be the ideal (Masculine) otherwise liking everything would (Feminine).

Within 64 Colombia is a masculine area – highly triumph created and you will inspired. Colombians is actually aggressive and you may reputation-dependent, yet , collectivistic in place of Individualist. Thus competition is directed toward members of almost every other groups (or public groups), not to the individuals who are perceived as people in their in-classification.Someone search registration in communities which provide her or him updates and you can advantages related to results, nevertheless they often lose recreation facing work, for as long as this will be backed by class membership and by energy holders.

Suspicion Protection

The newest dimensions Suspicion Prevention is because of the way that a society works together with the reality that the long term can’t ever be recognized: is we strive to handle tomorrow or maybe just allow it to takes place? So it ambiguity will bring inside it stress and different societies have learned to deal with so it anxiety in a different way. This new extent that the latest people in a society feel threatened by the confusing or not familiar circumstances and now have composed beliefs and you can establishments you to definitely try to avoid these types of is reflected from the score into the Suspicion Avoidance.

On 80 Colombia possess a high score on the Suspicion Prevention and this implies that because a nation he is seeking elements to cease ambiguity. Feelings is openly indicated; discover (extensive) regulations to possess that which you and you will public conservatism features slightly followers. This really is together with shown within the religion, which is acknowledged, with of a lot and you can old-fashioned. Guidelines commonly fundamentally followed, however: which utilizes the fresh during the-group’s view, on if the category feels the guidelines are applicable to their participants plus it is based, sooner, on choice out of energy people, who make their individual laws. In the really works words this contributes to intricate thought which can not always getting implemented used.

The combination out of high UAI to your scores for the earlier in the day proportions ensures that it is sometimes complicated to switch the fresh new status quo, unless of course a fact off authority could probably accumulate a big group and you can direct them to your alter.

Long lasting Orientation

It aspect relates to how the community should maintain certain backlinks along with its very own earlier when you’re making reference to the difficulties of your own establish and future, and you will societies prioritise these two existential specifications in different ways. Normative communities. and this get lower on this dimension, such as for example, choose care for go out-honoured lifestyle and you may norms while enjoying personal transform with uncertainty. Those with a people hence score high, in addition, capture a more practical method: they encourage thrift and you can work when you look at the modern knowledge as an easy way to set up money for hard times.

Having a decreased score off 13, Colombian people are categorized since the normative. People in eg communities possess an effective concern about setting up the latest natural Information; he could be normative within thinking. It display great value for lifestyle, a somewhat small inclination to store money for hard times, and a focus on finding small overall performance.


You to definitely difficulties you to definitely face humanity, now and in for the last, is the training that young children is socialized. As opposed to socialization we really do not feel “human”. It dimensions is described as new the total amount that anyone try to manage the wishes and you may signals, according to research by the way they were raised. Seemingly poor control is called “Indulgence” and seemingly strong control is known as “Restraint”. Societies can, for this reason, end up being also known as Indulgent otherwise Restrained.

Rating a very high 83 within this dimensions, Colombia is actually shown to be a keen Indulgent country. Members of societies categorized by the a high get inside the Extravagance generally exhibit a willingness in order to realize the impulses and you will wants with regard so you can enjoying existence and achieving enjoyable. They provides an optimistic emotions while having a tendency with the optimism. Simultaneously, it put a higher standard of characteristics into the sparetime, try to be they please and you can spend cash because they should.